Voting Is More Powerful Than A Cowards Bombs!

Elect A Better Londonderry NH State Rep (5th Dist.)

MACK Leathurby Advocates:
* Cost effective healthcare no pre-existing condition limitation
* Lower NH property taxes (NH has highest rates of US states)
* Stop cyber-hackers – NH utilities voting systems, our homes
* Better quality jobs, better pay
* Support for small/mid-size businesses
* Manage the opiate crisis with viable alternative

Consider a Better NH and USA:
* Send a message to stop the divisive politics of fear
* Support common sense laws – balanced government
* Help bring deliver our Democrat Republic from chaos
* Legalize Hemp – add NH revenues, safe medical pain killers
* Save Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security + from sabotage
* Understand, take actions – climate change is real

Send a Message to STOP:
* Lies
* Distortion of the Facts
* Manipulation of information, spread of disinformation
* Political leadership corruption is not what we want
* Dog whistles with intentions to bully others
* Incitement of violence and political terrorism
* Divisive, corrupt local, US politics

Enough is enough…
Let’s have courage to put our citizens and country first!


Please vote… We all can vote to make a difference.
Take courage, be patriotic and vote!